Meet Jessie Cruz

Highly dedicated and innovative, Jessie Cruz-Troy is a spearheading Business Leader, Growth Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Executive Coach whose underlying mission is to provide quality insight, advice, and support that empowers new levels of organizational potential. As the Founder of 33K Ventures, LLC and the Head of Sales at Content Economy, Jessie has an extensive 20+ year background involving marketing, sales, partnership development, and client relations and has developed the fundamental leadership skills to position her clients to thrive within the ever-evolving competitive market.

Born and raised in the Bronx as the youngest of four kids, Jessie discovered early on the true meaning behind resilience and the importance of swift problem-solving. Furthermore, she had commitment and a strong work ethic instilled in her at a young age, and those core principles became the catalyst for her to become a respected leader who catapults companies towards scalable, sustainable growth. Prior to her current roles at 33K Ventures and Content Economy, Jessie’s inventory of accomplishments includes earning a mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers Business School, a BA in Communications and Media Studies from Marist College. She also has held several prestigious roles, such as an Ad Sales Account Executive for Discover, Inc., a Business Developer and Media Executive for the Oprah Winfrey Network, and a Brand Partnerships Director for Mitú.

As a fierce, natural-born powerhouse leader, nothing makes Jessie happier than leveraging her progressive experiences, motivating energy, and pragmatic problem-solving approaches to help others achieve their goals. She has genuine ardency for her career, always aims to add value, and demonstrates her devotion by delivering unparalleled leadership experiences that strengthen business operations, increase revenue, and improve client relationships. This, in conjunction with her rich history in setting smart goals, rooted knowledge of comprehensive consumer-centric marketing programs, and keen focus on shaping her clients to obtain competitive advantages can solidify your confidence that your growth/scaling objectives are in the best possible hands to succeed.

Though Jessie loves what she does, when she is not working, you can often find her loving her dogs, sometimes loving her teenagers, playing monopoly and chess, traveling, as well as fulfilling her second passion for cooking. In addition, Jessie serves on the Advisory Board for Marist College.

Additional Fun Facts

  • Love Language: Food 🍽
  • Quintessential Cancer ♋︎
  • Hardcore Yankee Fan ⚾️