Work Transformed pt. 1

Leaders from every walk of life use WORKOPTI to WORK TRANSFORMED.

WORKOPTI harnesses the power of work for leaders across departments to drive better results. WORKOPTI drives accountability and visibility for teams and individuals into marketing operations as the System of Record. Today teams spend less time tracking information and more time driving better business outcomes. When you work in applications like Monday and Workfront it is easy for leaders and teams to get lost in a sea of tasks. Leadership can not be effective in these types of environments.

With WORKOPTI, every task in marketing operations connects directly to business outcomes so leaders always know the health of the business in real time. This is what it means to WORK TRANSFORMED.

WORKOPTI is where leaders thrive.

Project management is core to every organization, yet it can be a very difficult task to keep up with across silos. WORKOPTI removes the barriers to organizational success in marketing operations for leaders. WORKOPTI lets you invest in what matters by providing the essentials for transforming the way work is done, and not wasting your time.

For any business, there are always tasks to be completed.

As these tasks pile up, it becomes difficult to stay on top of them all without help from a productivity platform built for leaders. WORKOPTI makes life easier for Leaders and their teams by empowering them to accomplish more together in less time than ever before!

Every day, Leaders spend less time tracking information and more time driving better business outcomes.

Leaders at every stage and business type benefit from having a System of Record for Marketing Operations Management.

We all are facing increased competition for attention from our target consumers. The scarce resource of attention is the anchor for increasing revenue for your business because you can get your target customers to focus on why they need your product/service then you set yourself up to be top of mind when it is time to buy.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, whether you are in the United States or the Middle East we are operating in a world where commerce happens at a global scale.

Being able to effectively speak to your customers in a way that resonates deeply with their lived cultural experience is key to increasing your revenue today. In order to do that, leaders need a system of record for Marketing Operations that makes it simple to connect tasks to business outcomes. This way leaders can quickly match the right strategy with the right tactic to win without burning out their teams with unnecessary meetings and emails.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute study, only 39% of an employee’s time is spent on role-specific tasks. The other 61%? Slogging through email, trying to find a missing file, or syncing with co-workers. This is challenge has only exponentially increased with therise of a hybrid working environment due to the effects of Covid-19.

This graph still rings true today from Mckinsey as most of the time leaders and teams spend are around triaging email, gathering information, and communicating internally daily.

WORKOPTI is where leaders thrive.


WORKOPTI enables you to spend less time triaging email, searching for info, and communicating internally because our Task Management For Leaders solution enables you to quickly connect what task teams work on daily to business outcomes. Our technology is your System of Record for Marketing Operations Management that allows you to quickly identify information relevant to your role and quickly act to increase the success of team effort connected to business success.

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Connect work to results with WORKOPTI

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According to research conducted by top consulting firm Bain & Company, “more than 20% of a company’s productive capacity is lost to unnecessary organizational structures, including ineffective meetings or needless communications. The industry refers to this inefficiency as organizational drag.” Simply put, organizational drag is created from leaders wasting time on unproductive tasks instead of investing the time to generate solutions for producing better business results . It’s time to re-engineer how leaders are able to operate and eliminate organizational drag.

WORKOPTI makes it easy to engage every level of the organization with leadership to drive better business results together. This can amount to recaptuing lost revenue due to low employee engagement and productivity. Gallup estimates that low employee engagement and productivity cost businesses globally 7 Trillion Dollars annually.

WORKOPTI connect task to OKRs/Business Metrics with ease to enable every member of the organization to be recognized for their efforts in real time. We believe this visibility and accountable provide with ease inside of Marketing Operations can create a more inspired workforce because they know they will be rewarded for their efforts. Therefore during performance reviews, WORKOPTI can show how each team member and leader attributed to the business outcome being measured for the quarter/year with every daily task.

Why is this critical for business today?

Harvard Business Review states that great companies obsess over productivity not just efficiency. Your team has “huge amounts of discretionary energy that they could devote to their work, but many are not sufficiently inspired to do so”. At WORKOPTI we believe that leaders with our platform unlock collaboration to make teams more productive. HBR also highlights “that inspired employee is 125% more productive than a satisfied one, a company can expect to see one inspired employee output the same amount of work as 2.25 satisfied employees.”

WORKOPTI is committed to providing cloud services that are always highly available, with built-in redundancy across all network and server infrastructure.

All customer instances are individually provisioned on advanced multi-instance architecture to protect the data of our users.

WORKOPTI is the future of work anchored in collaborative task management for Leaders. Today, Leaders are better equipped through WORKOPTI to transform marketing into a center of excellence through strengthening the relationship between leaders and teams.

WORKOPTI drive Frictionless Collaboration by Democratizing Insights & Empowering Teams to Communicate, Learn and Collaborate Seamlessly

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