Giving is core to who we are at Content Economy Co. It permeates every choice we make — even down to how we built our flagship product WORKOPTI.

We donate 1% of all profits to Non-Profits that enable people of all genders and races get access to the knowledge and resources that make their every day life better.In addition, our Founder is a mentor for LaunchX, Columbia Technology Ventures, and NYC Media Lab as we actively believe in lifting other up as we climb.

When we started on our journey, we did not assume we knew what was best for Leaders and Teams. Instead we executed 250 customer development interviews to learn what Leaders + Teams need today to centralize all marketing workflows to gain the leverage necessary to succeed in a highly competitive world. Shout out to Dario at Viacom, Vikram at PepsiCo, Eric at Condé Nast, Viktoria at Time and the many other Leaders who were honest about where the gaps existed and helped us optimize our platform to lay the foundation for WORKOPTI being the System of Record for Marketing Operations Management.

Now, this is not an essay outlining the story of our history but to showcase our intention to build a community of Leaders who give first as we lead by example as a company. This is why we established our invite only Design Partner program where we have collaborated with Leaders at Adidas, Twitter, The Shorty Awards, Twilio, Comcast, Frontier Communications, and over 50 other companies to co-create a culture of honesty where we together kick the tires on the WORKOPTI platform to enable everyone to get back the most precious commodity in the universe — TIME.

Today, as a company, we have been successful together because we are a community. In 2021, Leaders + Teams using our software are increasing their productivity by 70% + decrease meetings by 25%. Therefore, as we formally begin our revenue motion on Oct 1st 2021, as the CEO + Head of Product for WORKOPTI by Content Economy Co., I want to set forth our intention to become a company that “gives first” with a heart anchored in Economy Reciprocity from the top down.

This is why 1% of profits will be earmarked for Charity because we desire to be a community of Leaders who do well in Business and simultaneously use our influence to cultivate a better world for others regardless of creed, sexual preference, gender, education level, culture, or location to enjoy together. This is the WORKOPTI Giving Pledge. Hence, I have chosen our first 2 charities who will be the first recipients of the WORKOPTI Giving PledgeUN WOMEN + The World Food Bank.

As the Founder of this company, from Day 1, I can say that we have been committed to giving as we grow. I am excited to how our teams will enter into the WORKOPTI Giving Pledge as we all grow together to expand our network of non-for profits that we support as we grow our busienss into the OS ("Operating System") for Business Effiency for Leaders across the globe.

Upwards + Onwards


Founder, CEO+ Head of Product at WORKOPTI by Content Economy Co.

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