WORKOPTI is the strategy management platform

Our world has moved from a services economy into an information economy over the last 50 years but a lot of our technology systems in the enterprise are not ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of today.

Today, Leaders do not just need access to the right people but the right information at the right time from everywhere the business operates.

Therefore, WORKOPTI agrees with McKinsey that every organization presently grapples with the need to measure everything and the implicit need to build new capabilities around this fact.

For this reason, WORKOPTI is built to ensure everyone gets comprehensive visibility into strategy.

WORKOPTI protects and grows enterprise value. Our clients pay us to ensure that everyone makes better decisions faster because now everyone has visibility into strategy.

WORKOPTI is the strategy management platform.

WORKOPTI is the strategy management platform
Why we exist:

We aim to be the best friend (most trusted resource) for every executive in the world.

What we do:

We give everyone visibility into strategy to guide efficient growth. We power strategy execution and operational excellence.

Our differentiator:

Our differentiator is end-to-end strategy management through providing frictionless visibility into strategy for all.

Key Insight:

WORKOPTI is not a strategic planning platform. We are leadership technology that focuses on strategy management. Strategic planning is just one part of the process.

WORKOPTI value prop:

WORKOPTI enables Leaders + Teams to close the strategy execution gap by being the single source of truth for business strategy. WORKOPTI provides frictionless visibility for everyone within the organization into strategy to drive efficient growth for our clients. - Elkanah Reed, Founder at WORKOPTI by Content Economy Co.

WORKOPTI ensures strategies optimize speed and drive cost savings in addition to stakeholder satisfaction and top-line growth.

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WORKOPTI ensures your strategy is optimized through providing frictionless visibility for Leaders and being the back best practices for strategy management for the organization. WORKOPTI enables Leaders to operate and manage their strategic plan with excellence.

Through connecting the data sources that show where work happens into WORKOPTI, Leaders and teams can always see what is happening in the business. We automate strategy management by providing frictionless visibility for all.

It is time for Leaders to use technology built for them from the ground up.

WORKOPTI helps leaders and teams overcome the strategy execution gap by providing a single source of truth for business strategies. Within our 18 month private beta, our users self-reported an increase in productivity of 93% on average and the elimination of 25% of meetings at scale.

The Problem:

McKinsey succinctly states that the problem all Leaders and Teams face in business today. The problem around creating enterprise-wide visibility into strategy is #1 problem in business today.

This problem is exacerbated by organizational silos.

McKinsey states within the article from which the graphs below are taken from that, "[t]he executives we surveyed report that organizational silos, unclear strategy, and slow decision making frequently interfere with attempts to boost the rate at which work gets done."

WORKOPTI ensures everyone in the organization can increase their decision making velocity, measure outcomes, and effectively collaboration across silos to power efficient business growth.

Why Now:

WORKOPTI provides visibility into the drivers of value creation across the enterprise. WORKOPTI is framework agnostic. WORKOPTI connects the key data sources across the enterprise to provide a flood of data paired with insights with varying frameworks and structures, leaving companies without a single source of truth to base their decisions and close the strategy execution gap.

Typically digital transformation project take 12-24 months according to BCG yet over 67% of strategies from Leaders fail acording to Harvard Business Review due to lack of comprehensive visibility into strategy for everyone in the organization.

This is because lack of visibility creates the context for poor execution because it impedes effective decision making from the top down.

WORKOPTI get your organization on a plan to gain speed in decision making by design in as little as 6 to 9 months.

Check out these graphs below that support the Why Now of WORKOPTI.
Closing Thoughts:

WORKOPTI's enables organizations to gain speed by design.

WORKOPTI empowers orgnaizations to optimize capabilities in 3 key areas:

1) Making good decisions more quickly.

2) Improving communication and collaboration

3) Making greater use of technology.

WORKOPTI is the key to sustainable leadership and efficient business growth within the information economy.

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