WORKOPTI saves organizations time
and money.

Fuel Alignment, Clarity, and Agility with award-winning technology

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WORKOPTI turns raw data into insights with our investment management platform for executives -- because we know time is money.

Our technology ensures clean data and reduces risk, driving 10x growth.

WORKOPTI optimizes data hygiene, workforce communication, and alignment to tackle the global issue of low employee engagement, which costs the global economy about $8.8 trillion annually.

By enhancing data hygiene and mitigating risks, WORKOPTI ensures that AI investments are effective, improving productivity and reducing operational costs.

Financed by Microsoft

Minority Owned

Enterprise Security

Best Practice Storage

Perfomance Management

Human Centered Design

Leadership + Advisors

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Elkanah Reed


Our unique team of world-class leaders are working together to help leaders
elevate performance for everyone, everywhere through the WORKOPTI platform.

Note: This represents only a fraction of the entire team; not all team members are included in this list.

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Rob Griffin

Former EVP at HAVAS

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Craig Parks

Former VP at Comcast

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Michelle Grover

Board Member
Former CIO of Twilio

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David Thompson

Former CRO at Winmo

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Will Roth

Former EVP at Publicis

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Rebecca Gonzales

Former Head of Generative AI
Enablement at Amazon

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