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Elkanah Carnell Reed is an award-winning marketing mastermind and entrepreneur. Elkanah has spent over 12 years using design thinking to build technology at the intersection of content + commerce. Elkanah is the founder of CONTENT ECONOMY CO., an infrastructure technology holding company whose technology drives collaboration and business efficiency within the global content economy.

As a Founder, I have recruited our full-time team and bootstrapped our company.

We worked together as team that includes product management, business strategy, and engineering as a full-time unit from Nov 2019 until today.

In that time we have, developed 5 iterations of the WORKOPTI platform as od Dec 31, 2022.

Our team has also nailed down our brand, positioning, and pricing.

Within our 18 month private beta, our users self-reported an increase in productivity of 93% on average and the elimination of 25% of meetings at scale.

At Content Economy Co. we build technology for Leaders. We are on a mission to help leaders protect and grow enterprise value. Our technology exists to turn information into insight.

WORKOPTI is our first product. WORKOPTI is the end-to-end strategy management platform.

Our technology aims to be the best friend to every Executive on the planet.

Similarly to how Executives lean on the Harvard Business School or Stanford MBA Degree, they will lean on their WORKOPTI usage to signal that they are Leader capable of succeeding at the highest levels of society.

Elkanah alongside his elite team (45 Years cumulative experience) at Content Economy Co. completed the WORKOPTI Platform in Q1 2020. Through executing 250 Customer Development Meetings in 2020 with Senior Leaders at Pepsico, Sinclair Broadcasting, Viacom, USA Today Network, Outside TV, and many others,  Elkanah was able to identify the GTM feature for WORKOPTI. This opened the door to build the WORKOPTI Design Partner Program which included Leaders from Amazon, Adidas, and Twitter using the WORKOPTI platform as Free Users to enable the Content Economy Co. to strategically optimize our product roadmap to meet the needs of Modern Leaders in the area of Marketing Operations Management.  

Elkanah Carnell Reed is a member of Goodie Nation + Transparent Collective and was awarded as an Innovator + Disruptor by America on Tech. He first encountered the challenges with workflow management and centralizing MarTech APIs connected to developing digital transformation strategies at Disney, Fox, Omnicom and many other Fortune 500 companies within his previous startup (Eleven Digital, Inc.).

Elkanah holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Economics from Morehouse College and a Masters in International Marketing from London's HULT International Business School. Elkanah cares about giving back to his community and serves in numerous ways to foster others' talent. He has a Mentor for Columbia Technology Ventures and NYC Media Lạb.

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